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File extension MIM is most commonly associated with Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) files, which are used when attachments are sent via E-Mail. MIM files are based on a standard method of message encoding, which allows E-Mails containing attachments to be interpreted and displayed properly by the majority of popular E-Mail clients.

MIM and MIME files are the same, with the only difference being the abbreviated file extension. When an E-Mail is composed with attached files, these are added to an MIM file, which is essentially a standard container used for sending attachments over the Internet. Upon receipt, the contents of the MIM file are automatically extracted by the recipient's E-Mail client to reveal the attachments. In most circumstances the MIM file is never seen by the user as the majority of E-Mail clients fully support the MIME standard.

The MIM container allows E-Mail and attachments which include 8-bit data to be sent via the Internet, such as E-Mail messages containing non-Western character sets. Additionally, MIM files are simply compressed archives, so can be opened manually if the recipient's E-Mail client does not support MIME attachments. However, the contents of a MIM file cannot be determined without it first being opened, and should be scanned with up to date anti-virus software prior to opening as they could potentially contain malware such as viruses or spyware.

In most cases, the opening of MIM files will be done automatically by an E-Mail application such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, which will display the original message along with any attachments in their original format. However, if necessary a MIM file can be opened and the original attachments extracted using an archiving tool such as Corel WinZip or Smith Micro StuffIt or Expander, the latter of which is available on both Windows and Mac.

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